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Patricia Dobrosipearson

Ms. Quoting a Diddly

Miss Quoting rode a pony,
that was too small
for her fat fanny.
It seems her legs
were a bit wobbly,
and she was eventually
put into retirement.
I know it is true because,
I myself have
visited her once or twice.

Ms. Quoting met with ignorance,
a friend of mine to whom college was attending.
Punctuation was a problem in her behavior.
So she was sentenced
to a life of ill-repute.
I received the impression
that english was not her language,
and she was literally challenged.

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A Jewish Wedding

Jane Doze - A Jewish Wedding
By JaneDoze

Hi, I'm Jane Doze and I have a story to tell you...

I have not been to many weddings. This one was pretty funny. My brother had poison oak and his face was swelled up so big he couldn't see out of his eyes. He had to walk around with an ice pack on his face all day. He was in the groom’s party so; he was wearing a tuxedo too!

My uncle was confused and said to me during the ceremony, ' I didn't know we were Jewish? ' I had to tell him that we aren't.

It all went by pretty fast actually. The Rabbi had the Bride and Groom sign the papers and then everyone had to pose for pictures.
I reflected how weeks before, I had helped one of the maids of honor make the party favors.

She took Hershey’s kisses and taped them together to make roses. They turned out really good. There was one on every plate in the reception room. I was so proud to have helped.

When the pictures were finally over, we all were so hungry and happy to go inside. As we approached the reception room, someone came out into the hall and said to the Bride, ' The Rabbi has eaten all the party favors! '

The Bride said to the Groom, ' See, I told you something bad would happen. It always does, even after all the wedding planning! '
She was a pretty good sport. The Bride had someone escort the Rabbi to his car, while her bridesmaids went and tried to arrange what was left of the party favors. They placed them into vases, a few here, and a few there.

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