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Onesimo Odwa Mabovula

Beautiful warzone- Africa

Africa a beautiful warzone
Home to me and you and them
But then the grass is not greener across the oceans.
What would a place be with out any negatives?
Ask yourself.
The world loves Africa, but Africa doesn’t love Africa.
We have shared blood in the past we still spill it…

When will Africa be what it ought to be?
A wonderful place where ethnic background doesn’t count,
A place of joy, love, peace and prosperity,
Africa was made with perfection out of love,
Blessed with a wonderful wild life,
The antelopes, birds, lions, elephants and even the fishes,
The sun embraces the beautiful blue sky by day,
And the moon and the stars hide us at night with a blanket of comfort.

Green forests as a cherry on top,
While hidden riches cause havoc, death, and deceit once uncovered.
Gold, diamonds and the like

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