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Oluwajobi John

Warrior, Mind and Soul

come to think of it...
my head is tilted toward and against
breaking the wall of enmity, chatting with mighty warrior

victory has come to stay...
i cannot be a slave to the soul that weak, crawling, no not me
i will show my trophy to the simple soul, but the warrior
rejoice with me.

travel in thick darkness, fear nothing but the flies the can touch and reach me soul and mind because strength come within

i cannot stay here any more, lofty in the air ready to fly
because even warrior and the mighty have gone to sleep
rule my world among the simple..

sleep sleep sleep they said but...
no soldier sleep not in the battle unless is ready to be sacrificed inn the shire... yes winner wins and loser lose

all in the shadow of illusion... fear cast away standing

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