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Nirvana Heldrich

Are you looking for a friend?

It takes a brave heart to be a true friend
To ignore all odds, mistakes and roots to mend
To say the word I like you, I trust you;
It’s easy, but soon you find it’s only a trend
You search for something or someone to like
But the way the others think, will give you a strike
If you think your kindness and honesty are enough
You’re fooling yourself, get real, and start being tough
Your heart will brake every time you try
Your dream will be shattered and you’ll break down and cry
So save your tears and stand up for yourself
Don’t try too hard you’re not better than the rest
Don’t look too far for some honesty
Just be yourself and good as you can be
Maybe one day someone somewhere
Will find you and like you for whoever you are
So comfort your heart in the meanwhile
You are one of a kind in an empty world that full of desire
So don’t ask for too much
Friendship is more than something that you can touch

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