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Nesmah Elsayed

The Face of My Angel

As I see your face across the domains.
The face that launched one thousand ships.
The exquisitness of your body and essence can be spotted from lands aways; it blinds me.
The gesture of a perfectionist, composes and compels me to quiver.
It is as if an angel propelled you down from heaven for me.
My glorious present from God.
An angel sent from an angel for my delight.
A vow of protection from me to you if you permit me to become you epic king.
I will cherish every flash of our infinite life span mutually.
I will heed, be melodious, and help you seek upon the immeasurable chances for yourself.
You are the sovereign, the angel that I have been longing and yearning for.
For you are you in every petite highlight I glimpse upon.
I have fallen genuinely and irrevocably in fancy with the face...your face.
The face from and angel propelled from an angel for my delight.
The angel of my life, the angel of my angel that launched one thousand ships.

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