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Naman Bansal

I Believe!

I believe in mother's immortal love, I believe that there's no-one like your mother.
I believe that this world is worse than perdiction.
I believe in the existence of heaven and so does the hell.

I believe in love at first sight.
I believe in sex on first date,
I believe in kissing a girl, younger or elder than me.
I believe in love and so does the hate.
I believe in insomnia and so does the immortal sleep.
I believe in kissing a marraied women.
I believe in living with a widow.

I believe in ghost, and so does the angels.
I believe in sky and so does the hell inside the earth.
I believe in love flowing with wind.
I believe in killing a beast.
I believe there's a life after death and so does the Satan.
I believe in brain and so does the heart.

I believe in sister's immortal love.

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