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Mofida Mahmoud

Women Throughout Time

Women are here, there and every where,
But the society didn't give them in the past any care.
They were forced to live in carelessness, a real nightmare
They weren't allowed to take part in the society or even to share
They had to take permission even before breathing fresh air
They were by every person tamed,
And for every thing they were blamed
They hadn't any courage and all the time they were ashamed.

But this situation is no longer,
As the years taught women to be stronger.
The years taught them how to be supreme without fears,
And that their legal rights are like pearls.
Since our great women claimed for their rights,
And the entire world was awakened to women's great shouts.

The world knew that women in society have great rank,
And recognized that their legal rights in the deep ocean sank.
So the society broke all the chains around the woman her self,
And the woman came out to the world leaving her narrow shelf.

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