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Misty Kaye

A Thousand Apologizes

Sorry that I love you, sorry that i care
Sorry that we've taken for granted the love that we share
Sorry for the heartache, sorry for the pain
Sorry for what you gave if I didn't give back the same
Sorry for the waiting, sorry to waste your time
Sorry if I'm not worth it, you don't have to be mine
Sorry for mistaking something that I thought was true
Sorry if you don't understand why I do what I do
Sorry for my feelings if they're not enough
Sorry if we can't work through all this stuff
Sorry if you can't fit me into your life
Sorry if all I do is cause us to fight
Sorry if I'm cramping your style or getting in your way
Sorry if i don't say the things you want me to say
Sorry if I don't meausure up to what you want me to be
Sorry if I can't be enough to make you just want me
Sorry for apologizing but I dnot' know what to do
Sorry if my only dreams consist of me and you

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