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Milan Van Zuyen

Guardians and Gateways

I drift but slow on a fog of dream
But then my feet, beneath me sand
Thou fog hast wrapt me in t'would seem
Adrift in this hollow, foresaken land
But steady heard I, the soft roaring cry
O' the swift, mighty river aye far below
The swirl of eddying tide d mine eye
With waters clouded near black in their flow
But thick and opaque with flotsam would belie
What horrors and secrets these waters keep
Glimpsing now I, fragment of cadavor float by
Struck now numb with horror, else I'd weep
But on yon parallel bluff sits a skeletal tree
Being perch and post for one great gray host
Now turning it's large, unblinking gaze on me
This beast of the air, who scares me most
With strangled cry, in my terror here fix
It stares, like through my soul it doth prowl
As it stands silent vigil o'er the River Styx
Being guide and guardian, the unwavering Owl

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