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Michael Neguse

Retreat for a wounded lovers.

Marriage and happiness is not written for everyone in a book
based on paitents communication and trust, not like fish on the hook
You may have a pastor or counselors but no promises written in stone
it is not quick or easy, like a dog right away who fiches a bone
there is too much invested in a relationship to throw it all away
love and happiness takes time and energy day after day
both partners must come to an agreement or meet eachother half way
you can't be hard headed and noone should say my way or the highway
marriage retreat or time off is needed for both to spend quality time
a stronger person must stand up and help resolve issues, have a spine.

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Faces of war

I've been in war twice, and it is not pretty or nice
men and women put the uniforme on and it symoblizes strength
carrying all your gear and weapon not knowing when to pull the trigger
you're fighting with son or daughter of parents they love dearly
keep yourself and your follow soldiers alive and you must fight fiercely
blood will shed and bodies all laying every-where dead
at war noone wins, for God says thu shall not kill
countries send soldier to defend, and whatever the cost and at will
the pain and sorrow that brings to so many, the leaders have no clue
you are a number and expendable, soldier stick togother like glue
soldiers return with missing limb and undetected serious illness
soldier puts his/her life on the line at time kills, we need no forgiveness
at what cost, as we all know freedom is not free
we must do whatever it take, so we can be a free country
give thanks to a person in uniform, cause we're fighting for you
don't take anything lightly, a soldier does what a soldier need to do

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Guardian of freedom

I wake up early in the morning
at times there is laughter, joy, but a lost of a hero has us all mourning
complete my mission, and do what I am told
prepared for anything on any kind of weather, even in the cold

So be proud to be an American, respect our flag and national anthem
boots on the ground is the key to freedom
doing your job with courage, and good character is all you need
I'm strong, tough and trained to destroy my enemies with lighting speed

An American family paid the ultimate sacrafice for freedom today
a worrior has paved the way for your life style so you can work and play
young men and women stand ready to slow down or stop a disaster
we must unite, love all Americans like a family brother and sister

Many times a hero leaves his kids, wife and family behind
to sacrafice self for my family, my country, so there won't be any bind
I am an American Eagle a guardian of America's nest
I am a worrior and I am an American Soldier ready for any test.

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