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Mbongo Zoobistatoo

September Snakes

September Snake, so sluggish, so sad,
Is this the best summer you ever had?
Slithering and biting and “Fanging around“,
Sneaking up on folks with narry a sound.

You go to your hideout to catch a few ZZZZs
Or hang by your tail from the leaf-barren trees
And no one will bother you, no one comes near,
Not wild boar nor possum nor rabbit nor deer.

And if in your dreams you once think of me,
I hope you’ll remember that I set you free,
And if in the spring when your venom is strong
If you see me I know you won’t do me wrong.

‘Cause September Snake, I’ll be rested too
Just waiting for the chance to meet up with you,
And I’ll take off your tail with my shovel and rake,
And have you for breakfast, either fried or baked!

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