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Mayjorey Dellosa Buendia


The nymph’s heart has gone to deep slumber
Sorrow has fade coz her heart has been kept in freezer
Coldness she feels hope won’t last forever
Wake her up by the kiss of summer.

Summer came and let summer go
Leaves were fallin…the nymph without hurryin so
There were rains in between and dark clouds were huggin
Still not moved and let the time flies without kissin.

Then the tree dies as the nymph’s restless heart
Sure she found spring on someone’s charmin pond
But summer she keeps missin and her heart still holdin
Break free from the past…gotta end this sufferin.

Nymph has her summer back but still no glimpse of his light
She understand he’s burdened by the effigy of life
Tryin not to demand but she also has needs
My box of sharp objects, the pain she now feeds…

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