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Mary Elise DiVita

The Tale of Drunken Fools

Ode to liquid fire:
That fills the chest with flames
Of courage to fuel the brave.
Tales flow in bards
By minstrels encircled by tankards,
“Oh, in the depths of the abyss
The Akujine dwells: the sorceress.
She spins her spells of wickedness
Over the lake; there below
The Mountain of Green,
Where the Sterling River flows
Deep into the depths: the lair of Akujine
The sorceress creates her brew
And sends it on the backs of her crew
To mouths of the drunken; unbeknownst to you.”
The cautionary tale is unheard from the minstrels.
The fire swirls in spiraling tendrils
Down the throat; bubbling as it fills.
And as the heat escapes in gusts
Out of mouth the flame erupts.

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