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Marie WardAlonge

A Man Of Faith-A Tribute To Dr. King

It was a time of unrest the sixties did bring.
A man of faith did have a dream.
As the Motown Sound played in many mother’s home,
Their sons were in Vietnam, where the fight by us would never be won.
Back home, the struggles for Civil Rights, we had set the tone.

I was a child when all this begin.
In a society blinded by discrimination,
Spawn by segregation.
It was difficult to understand.
Along came a man to struggle this hate.
A man of destiny was about to tempt his fate.

Years earlier, this man of responsibilities heard about injustice pertaining to a seat.
In the Deep South, his plights took heat.
Yet, he took it on.
His determination was strong.
The Country knew the start of Civil Rights was born.

A peacemaker was he.

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