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Mantho Joyce Zandi Koveya

A Motswana Woman

Believe me you or not…
Every where she goes, she makes heads turn
Every place she enters, it ought to make people stare
And, they just cannot help it but to ask themselves
Where this woman comes from

A beautiful and peaceful country in Southern Africa
That’s where she hails from
A country with a passionate, caring and friendly nation
Proudly from Botswana, that's where she comes from

This woman is so different
From any other woman, be it British, American,
Asian and let alone African
The shape of her face, her nose, and her thick dark lips
Which become so pronounced when she keeps her coolness

Her genuine smile, it’s so contagious
For when she smiles, you ought to smile too
The fullness of her bosom, with a well-defined cleavage

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