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MASIREH sanyang

Dear Africa

Dear Africa a land sweeter than honey
A land that is renowned for its richness
But things have changed, the color of the land has turn bloody
Both young and old, men and women yearn for calmness.

The greeness of the land, the beauty of its culture oh Africa what a beautiful milieu.
Your kindness and hospitality has being used against you
Your inhabitants, your people have being used and enslaved
Working in the plantations, train railways, and mines and they are still slaved.

Africa you could have being the most powerful continent in the world.
But its like this was not meant to be
Your people can't still find rest, because of greener pasture and slavery They whirled around the world.
forgetting what they left behind, the beauty of the forest, people say its herby.

The wars, the fighting, they give us guns and ask us to kill one another
We slice, slaughter, cut eachother as if we are butchers.

Africa your people have suffered badly
some say its because of the idol worship but Africa has changed lately.

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