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Lover Girl

All Is Fair In Love and War

you're always on my mind.
your memory haunts me,
it hurts me inside.
You found your way to my heart,
you hurt me so deeply,
That everyday is tears me apart.

You found what you wanted,
You took what you could get.
I've put forth all my effort,
I gave you my best bet.

You act as I am nothing,
Yet I should give you my all.
This love really hurts,
It was a hard fall.

I want you forever,
I want to give you my best.
Yet I get nothing in return,

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T'was the Night Before Christmas

Her mommy was sound asleep, Her daddy was on the couch, Watchin' the T.V, She got up to use the potty, Hopefully he wouldn't see, Then she got back in her bed, She heard him walkin', And fallin' on the walls, 'cause he was drunk,

Then she prayed: 'Hopefully he wouldn't slap me, Please don't let him kick, Please not a bite or a scratch, Not even a knick, Please don't let it happen, Not on this wonderful night...', Then he opened her door, Grabed her by her neck, What a horibble sight, He put her down with a slam, Grabed her by her hair, And pulled her down the hall,

She screamed, She kicked, Then she yelled, 'WHAT DID I DO? ' After that he let go, He punched, He hit, There was nothing she could do, But lay there and cry,

Then her mommy screamed at her, For making her daddy angry, Mommy grabed a beer bottle, Then through it a her head, Her mommy said 'clean up this mess then go back to bed', She did as her mommy said, Then her mommy grabed her daddy by the arm, And went back to bed, Then she noticed she was bleeding from her head,

She grabed the phone and called 911, But I guess they were to late, 'cause when they got there, She was already dead,

T'was the night, Before christmas, The same night that little girl died, If you listen closely, You can still hear her cry.

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