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Lauren Wiltrout

The Game of Fate

What if I told you love was a game I don’t want to play,
Because its hurt me one too many times,
And I’m afraid,
Afraid of finding everything I want,
And it not wanting me back,
Or what if love is just some trick of our imagination,
And one day we wake to find nothing at all,
And all that’s left is our own devastation.
Sometimes I dream too much,
And when I finally find my dreams in life,
They only cause me strife,
And pain,
And hurt,
But love and pain walk hand in hand with fate,
Life is an adventure filled with pain,
But somewhere deep within that pain is something stronger,
Something that can over come it all,
And that is love,
But first you have to ride the waves of fate.
Through the many trials you must face,

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