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Laura Domek


Rock music is nothing like country, jazz, pop, reggae, and classical.
Rock music is something that is like a band in your head
Rock music is nothing like every other kind of music.
That now has gotten an encore.
Rock Music is something that real people can only hear;
Rock music does not allow posers to hear the real sound.
Rock music may have head bangers, stoners,
Even one of those old guys with the sharpie-d walking canes in the corner.
But Rock music allows only real followers.
Rock music is much like age;
Even though many bands may be getting paid in age, they will still be remembered.
As real Rock Musicians.
Some musicians have not made the best choices,
But does that mean they do not get their fame?
No, even though it may have not been the right way; they will always have
Their Rock band,
Having an encore in their musically fusion heads.

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