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Lata Raaj

I think and smile

Sometimes, I wonder why I love you
Then I think and smile
Is it your voice, that rings like music
Or the way your eyes shines, when you look at me
Or the way I feel when you are with me
Or the way you say ' Jaan'
Then I think and smile.
I love the way you look, your eyes so bright
The power of your face
The strength in your stare
The kindness in your smile
Its for this and more
I love the way you smile, it brightens the room
I love the way you say ' Jaan', it brings smile on my face
Then I think and smile.
Our relation, a rare gift
A life time connection
A special bond, one cannot see and understand
I could go on for days, to tell you what I feel
But what ever it is, it is for real

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