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Lancashire Lass Susan

Peace Within

The wind is blowing gaily, the page is trying to turn.
My hair has it's own independent way and my heart is at PEACE.
My peace I give you, not as the world gives it (John 14: 27)
A peace that rests inside as though like Jesus sleeping peacefully on the wind tossed boat, secure in His Father's LOVE. (Mark 4: 38)
I move and Your peace moves WITH me.
Your sun calms the cold breeze on my face.
The shine in my heart - You LORD - brings perfect peace.

The mosques chatter restlessly, no peace is found within and none is taken out.
The politicians speak many platitudes but no peace lies within the words.
Peace is found externally and internally in YOUR WORD O LORD!
Refuge, rest, sanctuary in the knowledge of YOUR LOVE that resonates into our souls into eternity.
My soul finds rest in God alone (Psalm 62)

Those who believe in Jesus Christ carry PEACE, can calm troubled hearts, give light in their darkness, bring hunger to know that everlasting peace.
Only You O LORD can give us PEACE.
Only YOU!


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