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LaTrina Jae LaTrina Jae

Breaking Pain

Your heart has a soothing feel through mine
like the wind between my fingertips
the friendly sound of your voice
is like the sand paper to a rough edge
dawn breaks twice before the storm hits the key to our hope
the sunshine cleared all rain when you arrived
Your gone
the raindrops mimic ever tear from me
that shatters the only pumping inside of me
life is lost
pain is caused
karma arrives
pain never dies
to trust may be a mistake
I thought i could trust you
now your 'trust' exploded every breath that i take
the sun has gone away and its starting to rain
life is unbearable, its impossible to break the pain.

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As You Destroy Me

What you haven't done for me is a longer list than what you have
it hurts so bad but it's the sad truth
so as you destroy me, as you sit up in your 3 story beach house
remember that your home is filled with the anger, remorse, and regret of your mistakes
its insane to say or even explain your favoritism
though you think you don't have it
its a shame to say that because of the way you treated me i cried myself to sleep most nights thinking life isn't worth living
because you called me stupid, i will never graduate
because you never believed in me, i will never succeed
i used to think that deep down you had to love me because you created me
i used to believe you when you said you were teaching me right from wrong
but if you wanted to do that then you should have taught me to love my kids
does it ever cross your mind that the things you say bleed through my eyeballs constantly
do you ever stop to think 'its been 3 years maybe i could say i love you too'
it wont surprise me at all that when i make it big you'll be at my doorstep expecting half
but even after everything you put me through
i still want to buy that house you always wanted
i have to be a good person in order to succeed
and the only difference between you and i is when i said 'i love you' i meant it

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