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Kristy SenkoHall

Beauty in Sorrow

Find beauty in sorrow. This is what I have painstakingly learned, and hope that it should never be forgotten. I have placed so much value in “happiness, ” and invested endlessly in it at a very high cost, but what I know now is that I have been grossly mistaken. Shifting gears to walk down a different road will be painful, and I will mourn the loss of the notions that have formerly brought me comfort. However, this change is none-the-less necessary, to live my life in light of my more matured definition of contentment. Pure happiness, as a conclusion to this chapter of my living, seems to me as an empty space would seem: sickeningly bland, with no shadow or contrast, like the taste of plain yogurt. I, therefore, have scrapped the idea of happiness as my ends, my ultimate goal, and replaced it with a new search, which, fantastically squashing meaning.

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