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Kristina Jones

Rose In A Box

I take a box of solid steel, my final gift to you
Our parting token, last goodbye, before we walk our paths anew.
Inside I place a Rose; like my heart, it has blackened with time
'Twas blooming crimson when first we met, but withered with each clock's chime.
That Rose is as our love was; so blooming and fresh at the start
But a Rose is not meant to be kept in a box; it needs freedom, just like my heart.
A Wild Rose can grow any way it wants, but is pruned under human hand
It has to follow a set of rules its Wanderlust can't understand.
So now I hand you a Rose in a box, because I want you to see
The reason I had to leave you; my heart is a Gypsy, it loves to feel free.
When you're ready, dearest, toss the Rose in the turbulent sea
Let go of my heart forever; say goodbye and set me free xxx

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