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Krish King Nishanth

And I Am An Idiot, Right?

Seven years after they fell from the hill,
In a live-in relation were Jack and Jill.
They had found themselves a graduate course,
Jill was this learning's driving force.

So one fine day, back from the institute,
She said 'listen jack, i don't wanna talk to you'.
Of such an experience was jack destitute,
and so he asked 'can you tell me, what i did do? '

'No' she said, 'go find out if you want'.
'If you don't tell me baby, I sincerely can't'.
I don't care about that, she said, twitching her lips,
Clueless and insane he, already missing her hips.

'Don't touch me jack, you don't like me anymore',
Whats come to this woman he thought.
In the next two days, things got so sour,
that they did not even share the damned cot.

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