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King Aurther

Lost Ambition

I am an artist doing wall paint
i am a cat barking like a dog
i am a writer doing engineering
its not the place where i belongs
certainly certainly certainly not
whom to inquire whom to blame
This world is a place burning in flames
flames of lust anger and hatred
not gonna dwindle in years or days
its not a fairy land and not my dreams
where every one is joyful and successfull at same
cinderella or thumblina does not really exist
i wonder why my mom told me these tails
its not as simple as it seems
just pack your bags and rush for the race
i just want to feel the rain
and i have to deal with elasticity is equal to stress over strain
i never said that i dont believe in happy in endings
but as per the conditions chances are rare and diminishing at same
i thank to all who stand by me

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