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Kim Cresswell

When You Grow Up

Don't you miss your lunch-box days?
And following the latest mini craze?
When things were as simple as summer dresses,
No coursework, assignments or unneeded stresses,
Everyone was friends and there was never an enemy,
Forgetting about dates and irrational chemistry,
You were an innocent playing at school,
You had the class clown, the nerd, the fool,
Homework consisted of simple rhyme,
Taking but a fraction of your time,
Allowing you to otherwise play,
During the simple, loving time of day.

Looking back you can now see,
Everything you wanted to be,
The typical saying of 'when you grow up',
And not relying on the flawed notion of luck,
You look back at your wishes and dreams,
While walking along a glistening stream,
Of sudden corrupted and negative thought,

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