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Keturah Bailey

How Time Passed

I told you not to go, but you went anyway
You screamed I love you and I screamed it back
You said I’ll be back before I wake up
Right then and there I started to worry
Staying up all night crying my self to sleep
I heard a cry in the night, but it was just my child
Then a thought struck me he never said good bye
Why wouldn’t you say good night to your son?
In the middle of the night I prayed to god
“Please bring back my husband safely to his family.”
The sun finally rose and my husband hadn’t come home
I drove to his ex house, his mom, friends, and hide out
He was gone and no evidence was around
Fear was in my eyes as I looked at my child
I called all the investigators and police to find my love
They couldn’t find him and I started to cry
That same day I saw you on the news you lost your memory
I rushed down there and gave you a kiss and you said honey is dinner ready
I cried and laugh thinking god you’re still alive
I knew you didn’t disappear or leave us behind

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