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Kellykel Keller

Want to feel free

I sit alone in my grave wondering when the raven will say 'It's time for you to appear and see what it's like up here.' please mr.raven before it's to late. I want to be able to feel the breeze on my face. I want to freeze in the winter time. I want to see all the human race. I don't want to sit in my grave and weap. I don't want to see him with anyone else. I want to see his face and I want to feel his embrace. I want to see how he is. I must go and see him before it's to late. Before he is to trapped in a dark hole. I want to run though the field with him. Lay on the ground again. Just to be with him. One last time. Is my only wish so please mr.raven say the magic words and set me free.


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