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Kelly Louise Houseman

In Heart In Mind

In heart in mind there is no time
each moment merges with these moods of mine
others missunderstood and couldn't see
my neediness comes from my childhood days
when i craved love hugs warmth and praise
instead i found anger, hurt and rejection
which comes back to me in moments of silent reflection
these moments which leave others lost and confused
are the times im rembering how i was abused
there is a small child held dear in my heart
who cries each night long alone in the dark
who no one hears exept myself
my sadness effects my emotional health and others to.
to her people are cold, cruel and unforgiving
her life hardly seems worth the effort of living
if no one hears her i know i must
there must be someone for this child to trust
there was no rescue in those distant childhood days
and all these years later i still long to be saved
so when i seem down and reach for your touch

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