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Keisya Alice

Lyrics to Matthew James Bellamy

Matthew James Bellamy
I knew you, you didn't know me
I hope through this lyric, you'll know me
I wish I could reach you
I love you, Matt
I don't care whether you are married, or not
Whether you have a girlfriend or not
Maybe you always hear and know many girls said that
But it comes from my deepest heart
Do you wanna me to prove it?
Just say something, I'll do it for you as possible as I can
I have no one in this world
So, I hope I have you to be my boy, or my only man
You're the one
I mean it
So come on and take my lead
If you thought that I didn't deserve to do that
You're wrong and you're wasting your best chance
I've seen you for a thousand times
I will be proud to recognize you

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