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Keema Kreations

If I Were Ice Cream

 Wat flavor would I be  
Would I be a classic like vanilla strawberry or chocolate some times i wanna run away with the goodness in my pocket. Ive been described as  rocky road mmmm  velvety chocolate and so sweet. my life hasn't always been easy so it makes since to me I'm soft but a little nutty talking about this icecreams making me hungry. 

I wonder why icecream can be so comforting. But at the same time it's Different on the taste buds of everything. My taste buds scream loud for ice cream. But as human we don't realize how much we use that thing we use ice cream for broken hearts icecream has a way to cheer us up it's also used on a hot summer day to cool us off alil as the sun goes away. 

what flavor best describes you 
I love all types of ice cream so that means (I love you to) as I think of all the extravagant types that sit on the tip of the tongue man there's not even enough days on the earth to try every last one. I love flavors there all unique each one is different        

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