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Kayla Tucker

Who Is There

someone is here
and they want to hurt me
then im braced for the pain
but i feel nothing
i look and see my husband there to protect me with his life i kiss him
he is protectin me with his body
i look and can not bear to see him in pain
that should be my pain
i need to take it so he wont hurt no longer
i want him to be safe
dont worry about me i will be alright
please let me take his place
i want to take ur pain away so let me i love you for better or for worse that is why we love each other
i will do nothing tohurt u as long as u dont hurt me
so let me have ur pain
i will be alright let me take it
my husband forever and always
im your wife forever and always we will love each other till the end of time
i love u baby (kiss, kiss)
baby william

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