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Katherine Kay Graven

My Family ‘America’

Our Forefathers knew what they were doing
When they spent hours writing America’s freedoms
We celebrate with bombs bursting in air
Taking pride in the red, white, and blue that flows everywhere

Solder boy protecting and taking up arms
Warding off anyone who wants to do Americans harm
America, we are the home of the brave and carry it with pride
Known all over the world for being the home of the free with God on our side

The wall, a remembrance for those who died
A memorial for those who fought in a war and lost their lives
Our Military will always be the ones to give their all
Making sure our Country will stand in pride and never fall

Graceful eagle in peaceful flight soaring into the great divine
Lady Liberty standing with her light a shine
Liberty bell rings across the land with freedom sounds
Just a reminder to America’s family with prideful abound

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