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Karleigh Vargas

Everlasting Depression

everything about him, his eyes, that hair, the smiles, the hugs. and though i bring to you the things i love, your telling me your in love? in love with the guy i cherish, and the things i wanna tell him are perished, becuase of the love and your feelings, im taking a pain thats like dreaming. i long for to tell him my love, but im keeping it away.... becuase our friendship i know is important but him to my heart is like fortune... taking a daily dose of depression, lusting for my taste of reclemption. you breaking me down with 'i love him.' affraid with 'my love to confronthim. cant awake from this dream of dread feeling, i take through my heart that is as for my everlasting depression.' i bring from this script my recession.

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