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Karen Montegrande


It's hard to tell them when what's true,
'Cause deep inside you know they’ll judge you,
Put you down and even condemn you,
They perfectly don't know what you feel,
But still, they don't want to understand what’s real,
'Cause for them you're just the dirt in their hands,
They won't open their hearts and accept you,
But they'll slam the door and push you away,
Tell you you're nothing and stab you with the hurtful word they say.

No one is perfect as many people would say,
But in their eyes, they feel perfect and they won't listen to a word you say,
Respect is a broad word to understand not by mind but by our hearts and soul,
It's confusing to know what respect really means,
'Cause respect couldn’t be seen,
People are people and yes we make mistakes,
We try to be perfect but still, there are rules that we break,
The test of time will measure who we really are with every brave soul that sticks to the word respect and practice it,
Is a ghost of reality that haunts everyone to change what they are today,
Change the things that are wrong and learn to give way.

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