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Jyothsnaphanija Bolla

The Golden Twilight

It was the golden twilight,
When my mother caressed me in delight.
In thoughtless thinking, aimless future, my childhood was shining like lambent moonlight.
In the river of happiness, mountainous innocence, I was the princes of enkindling light.

It was the golden twilight
The time before the youthful moonlight
After the playful sunlight
I welcomed artificial intelligence to guide my innocence’s aplite.
Now in the unfriendly world my childhood and its innocence is hushed in the darkness of the night.
Crimson love, purple kindred, towards gray career, pinkish buddies all evanesced in the melancholy sight.
Longing to have a heart of gold, coloured with juvenile crescent's peacefulness in the scarce twilight.

The golden twilight,
Is the cycle of wishes in the life’s hopeful ignite.
Hope for venerating light,
Princely light,
Unending light.
To return to the shells of memories childhood seashore site.

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