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Juanita Richardson

Valentines 05

I never would have let you in, if I woulda knew bout this wirlwind, you had me in
As spins over and over and over and over again
thought you were my bestfriend
It had been 4 1/2 years and the past 4 were the happiest
How could you let this shit happen?
we had more than just passion and a high sense of fashion
and we connected through rappin
Planned to live happily ever after
Husband and wife together
Thought we were so right together
Guess not if I had to write this letter
Hope you two have a happy life together

I shouldn't have had the time to write this ryhme on Valentine's Day
You shoulda been mine
Holdin me tight, lovin me right on Valentine's Day
why you aint come home last night?
This is a shitty life
Im tired of tryin, tired of cryin
Its about time to say goodbye

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