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Josiah Goodman

The snake that lies

You disgust me I can't believe you, after all the things we've been through.
This is how you ended it? With a simple goodbye? and now you expect me to run away and simply cry?

Well I guess were not quite the same. For that I'll take the blame.

You and I both know it, your a cheater, a pushover a fake.
Now I know the truth your just a lying snake.

You tell me you love me and we share a night of bliss. But Bam! I wake up the next day and your back to a snake.'Hiss! '

I never should have gotten close, I used to think our love was true. But now I see the cheating girl that lies inside of you.

Your beauty on the outside and you act like a saint. But on the inside there's poison enough to make everyone faint.

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