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Jose Pablo Zaragoza

O Brother, Why Thou You Are Older

O Brother, why thou you are older than me?
Why you stole my thunder at home with your poetry that you took from me?
I know your brutal past and I am eaisly hurt,
thanks those poems you keep on reading and it
is making me sick in the inside.
Why do I have to be the one
considered not what problems you and our younger brother have?
Why I am stuck bewteen the two?
Why do I have to live everyday with you?
Sometimes I want you to leave but I can not do that
Sometimes I want the lead of my blood to get out so I do not be agressive any more
but it is too late. I can not take it out.
You are older than me but we all have to learn something.
Can you take your time and breathe
before we learn how to jump the gun and shoot our lives away?
The good times we had is no longer here
so I wonder when a shooting star fall so I can wish
for happy times back again instead of me being sad
and lonely
Even you are pushy with friends, you are a good one

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