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Johanna Damon

Hopes And Fears

Scars not seen but they are there none the less
The scars are on my heart
The questions in my mind
I wonder if he knows how bad he hurt me
I wonder if he even cares
I wonder if these girls are his
I wonder if they will ever forgive me
I'm so young and my baby girls will grow up in a time of war
I wonder if they will start another draft if this goes on much longer
I'm not a fighter
I don't want to have to fight in a war that isn't mine
I don't want to die in a war of politics
I don't want have to choose between my girls and my country
My girls win every time
I don't want to have to flee my country and never be able to come back
I don't want to use my girls as an excuse as why I don't have any money
I don't want to be on welfare
I don't want to have to be dependent on a man
I don't want to have to depend on any one but myself
I don't want this life

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