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Joe Pascale

City Lights

Walking the lonely streets of the city during the nights
I look around me and see lights
Lights of skyscrapers touching the sky
And the lights of buildings that don’t stand very high
All around me I see light
That penetrates through the darkness of night
For a moment I forget about my constant companion
The one that makes me feel as if I’m in the bottom of a canyon
I forget for a moment that I am the only one that’s left
That to feed myself, I resort to theft
My family is gone, they left no trace
I close my eyes, and see my mothers face
They died last year, at the peak of the war
My father fought on the oceans shore
My mother and brother were both at home
When they dropped the great bomb, with its shiny chrome
I was at a shelter, far away from the city
But when I returned, there was no welcoming committee
The city was in ruins, my family dead

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