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Jesse Wood

Lost, lonely girl blues

You are a lost, lonely little girl
Have another dose of medicine to ease the pain
Your Daddy has gone off to war; you will never again see his face
Love and Acceptance - the bitter pill that you cannot swallow.
Oh, how I wish I could comfort and protect you from the woman in the mirror
It’s as if I made YOU up in MY head

The men in white torture you with a few more volts to ease the madness
Monday’s seem to drag on, but for you Monday was cut short
The sun provided no rays of light, no hope for a brighter tomorrow.
You are now set free from the war that rages inside of you, that has plagued
your being
Set free from the Holocaust which robbed you of yourself

Tortured painter of words, how you festoon your words with color
As dark as the words appear on the page, your words are red
Daffodils sprout out of the Earth where you lay your head
Tomorrows do not exist for you, nor do todays or yesterdays
I hear the laughter of angels, perhaps you are there among them
No more tears, no more sorrows, or pain, you are free

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