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Jerry Behr Number 2

Brow Beating

Yak- a- back- smart- back- talk- a- back- yak.
I absolutely hate it.
People with status power of position
the only thing they have to do is brow beat,
by only using their brows to entreat.

Buuuuut if you are on the dole all what you will get is
Yak- a-back- smart- back- talk- a- back- yak.
And you can not talk back as if the person on the dole
was some sort of barbarian
unworthy of being an Australian.

There is so much power in those brows
and it accomplishes so much instead of wasting time with
Yak- a- back- smart- back- talk- a-back- yak
Things get done straight away with brow beat
and there is no need to explain to take away the heat.

So much authority accompany those brows
where ever they go nobody stands in the way and there is no;

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Job Networks and Enlightenment Rooms

The unemployed proletariat had just finished with the Centrelink’s rigmarole,
Of paper forms, and signing his name, and all the stuff the unemployed got to do.
Running around doing the paper chase, which is a part of the dole regime.
Next, it was the Job Networks, the employment organization now privatised.
A new dole treadmill for the unemployed, encouraging an attitude highly industrialized.

“Welcome to Job Network” the t.v. monitor said, on a recorded video machine.
“We are a privatized organization for the purpose of getting you into employment.
We are here to help you to find your talents, and potentials, to improve your
Abilities, so that you can re-enter the work force to have a life of independents.
This is far better than being on welfare forever with your dependants”.

The interviewers in the Job Network office were old grannies,
Complete with false colorings and artificial additives.
“I’m your case manager, I’m assigned to you, and you are here to sign a contract.
The Job Search And Activities Plan and responsibilities and employment to find.
To ensure you’re meeting your obligations to society not to be in your dole grind”.

The granny said.”Under governmental policies your association with us is for all life.”
Granny continued.“There will be no talk-back, yak-back, smart-back nor fart-back.

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