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My Mom

My mom used to always hold me tight
She was always there to kiss me goodnight
My mom was there to give me a bath and wash my hair
She was even there when I got scared
My mom would take me to buy my favorite toy
She loved to see my face filled with such joy
My mom held my hand on my first day of school
She was even there when I tried to act so cool
My mom taught me to ride my bike and stay out of the street
She was there when I fell and wiped the blood from my knee
My mom told me to always be silly and just dance
She said you will like it just give it a chance
My mom has always loved me for me
She said don’t worry about what other people see
My mom was there when I had a broken heart
She told me to move on and find a new place to start
My mom took me to buy my wedding dress
She cried with me we were such a mess
My mom was there on my wedding day
She stood right by me and gave me away

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