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Jennifer Romero

Do it for the World

Poverty, hunger, racism, abuse,
I’m sick and tired of the daily news,
Nightmares encompassing the air we breathe
Reality forces our grand visions to leave,

Everything around is spinning out of control
Morals all thrown out and shoved into a deep hole,
Injustices, as far as the eye can see,
Innocence, our friend, an unfortunate casualty.

I am a mere sailboat amidst the dark stormy sea,
Let’s tame the brutal waves, we fight in solidarity.
I refuse to let oppression last any longer,
Together we band and our case is much stronger.

Let’s take back the world that was given as a gift,
A world that for years has been set on a drift,
Let’s douse any laziness and hatred in our hearts,
It’s this immaturity that’s driven us apart.
We’ve strapped on our own chains, built our own walls to our jail,

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