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Jenee Poindexter

3 Months

He is like a song.
i just want to listen to him all day.
i want to see him so bad.
the last time i saw him was June of 07.
me and you have been together for 3 months.
on may 18th 08 it was 3months.
on Feb.18th 08 is when my life changed
it changed all for the good and none for the bad.
life is pain.
you just have to learn how to deal with it
eventually instead of always running away from it
you just have to ease your way threw it.
when you realize you can the world don't give up.
keep moving forward.
you don't always need money to get what you want and need.
its all up to who you know.
and who you open your door to.
when i graduate out of high school in 2011
i want to take a year off and see the world.
then im going to go to college and graduate from there in 2016

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