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Jeffrey Knox

Was It Justice?

Tie my black boots
grab my glasses
no detention in either one of my classes
suit up, raining hard get the packing
step out, and my thoughts dropp to ashes
i walk my life with a bag full of confidence
tied tight for the problems come to deal with
cold wind come to match with my cold mind
from the bright lights and diamonds that made her blind
success blow the failure off my eye caps
as the dust blow a scale on my combats
Sweety, ill be gone till December
and i left the break up to the fugee in november
my mind filled with pain, and the world filled with rubbish
we never go on trips but we always got some luggage
the pain in the eyes is a cry out for justice
does the tip of that raft mean a cry out for peace
i wonder if it could whipe out the hatred in the streets or...
the hatred in my brain with that knife to the vain
does that make you even feel the same?

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