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JeQuethia Jones

My Daughter and Me

Walking on the beach leaving our footprints in the sand,
Laughing and giggling as we hold hands.
Finding pretty beach rocks and precious seashells,
Collecting them all in our pretty pink pails

Down from the apparatus and up on the swings
Running in the grass flapping our imaginary wings
Enjoying our picnic under the big shady tree,
How I just love when it’s my daughter and me

At home playing dress up, wearing my dress and my shoes
Dancing in the mirror while we sing the blues
Building a indoor tent, making shadow puppet in the light
Read long bedtime story to sleep through the night

Off to the kitchen baking sugar cookies and cupcakes
Blending fruit smoothies and strawberry milkshakes
Making sure we carefully follow Granny’s recipe
How I just love when it’s my daughter and me

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