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Jaques Leblanc

Light And Darkness

as we all know there is no good without evil, nor heaven without a hell, No light without darkness, but yet we continue to watch stories about how light is always the good guy, there is only one true bad guy and those are the guys that commit crimes and continue to knowing there wrong and they don't care, if you flip evil around you get 'live' or flip devil around and you get 'lived', darkness and evil are not as bad as we make them out to be they just have a different perspective, they have a different story to tell, the good guys and the bad guys both have objectives sometimes there is a bad guy as seen above but in most cases its a guy trying to help himself and or his people or beliefs while the 'good' guys have the spotlight and defeat the 'bad' guy, but if you look at the stories on both sides you understand better, the both just have different objects and different desires, and one triumphs over the other, there is no good without evil we all make mistakes but we all do what we must in dire times, we are all good and evil, we all are made of light and darkness, learn to live with both its much more harmonious besides if you only followed light you'd have to be in a blazing hot sun for a long time and what fun is that.

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